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More than just one-sided experience...  

A history of working on both of the lens has allowed me to quickly flourish in the world of photography. ​My background of show production and managing talent lends me that special edge for direction and landing a dynamic final product, while a modeling career provides me with extensive interface with photographers and studios of all levels. After paying close attention to lighting and shooting techniques over the years, I am proud to say that I am standing on the shoulders of giants.

Making an image worth a thousand words...

Images tell stories when their authors behind the lens understand and embrace photography's many moving parts: Pre-production, direction, spontaneity, empathy, psychology, tech savvy, uncomfortable angles, and creative resourcefulness.

Who is Xtine?

"Triple threat"

I adore facilitating talent, I love creating, and I hate relying on someone else to get the job done right.​ Trained as a broadcast producer, I have spent my entire working life being paid to do two things: Create, and facilitate talent and art in others. My "hybrid" occupation of model, photographer, and studio proprietor is a byproduct of an extensive production past: You cannot fuel live, current event television and radio for nearly a decade without melding multiple job titles into one.


--Dorothea Lange

Raising the bar... ​

If you're hiring a model, that model should know how to style herself, emote as an actress, and pose in response to your lighting and sets. If you're hiring a photographer, that photographer should never simply "throw paint at the wall" to see what sticks.