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Text all time-sensitive information to: (619) 916-6885.

Please note: I rarely check my phone while I am preparing for or on a shoot.

Feel free to reach out at any time: I typically start my day before sunrise, so please, exercise patience after business hours.


​​Are your stats accurate? Are you actually 6'? Yes and yes.

​​Are you ready to shoot when the clock starts? 100 percent.

​How long does it take to change looks? 2 - 10 minutes. 

What if you reschedule?  It will not happen.​​ I guarantee it.

​​​​​​​​​​Inquiries? Text: (619) 916-6885 

IG: @xtinemodel 

MM: /xtinemodel 

FB: /xtinemodel

"Speak up!!"​​

From a minuscule change in a held pose to set and lighting likes or dislikes, you are encouraged to speak up during the shoot. Communication is key to landing a dynamic final product!


  • ​Will you sign a release?  Yes, upon request.​
  • Do you model TF?  No, but I am open to trading for photography gear.​​
  • Do you tour? ​No.​


  • Do you ask for images?  No.
  • Are you a published model?   ​Yes.
  • Do you wish to be published?   I do not care either way.​​


​​​ ​The non-refundable retainer is not a deposit; it is a payment that secures your window. It is credited to the outstanding balance after your session. If you must cancel or move your session, a new retainer will be required to reschedule.